Enjoy your vacations with the following Cancun travel tips

Cancun is most known as a dream destination for people looking for a caribbean, warm experience. From relaxing in a pool next to a beach with with White sand and a beautiful cristal water while drinking a piña colada, to experience adventures in the wild with amazing tours for nature lovers.

To enjoy your vacation to the fullest , follow these Cancun travel tips to make your experience even better.


1-Consider the weather

Cancun has amazing sunny days almost all year round. with temperatures ranging between 80 degrees mid-summer to 70 degrees in the winter time.

Consider the rainy season from May to June where the humidity is high, but don´t worry, a dip in the ocean will make everything better.

With the sunny weather and all the outdoors activities is very important to bring sunscreen!

Apply sunscreen as often as you can to enjoy the amazing weather without regretting it the next day.


2-In dollars or pesos?

The Mexican Peso is the currency in mexico, but is not rare to find establishments that charge or prefer US dollars.

Be prepare and know the current Exchange rate. The conversión rate is between 18 and 19 pesos per US dollar but remember it can change overnight.

You can convert some dollars or get pesos out of an ATM that let you take your money in US dollars or in pesos.


3-What im i missing?

A vacation in this Paradise would let you think that you only need to bring your bathing suit, a pair of shorts and sunglasses right?

Well, Cancun not only has the beach to offer, with dozens of activities to do, don´t forget to pack for last-minute adventures or tours. A trip to the mayan ruins will be best enjoyed with comfortable walking shoes.

As said before, sunscreen is very important, so don´t forget to pack it along with a hat.


Bring a camera!

With all the activities you´ll be doing,  you will want to keep your cellphone safe so bring a camera with you to keep your memories while also keeping your cellphone safe and dry.



Cancun is located in a privileged section of the Yucatan Peninsula, one day you can be enjoying the beach and the next day be exploring the mayan ruins in Chichen Itza or shopping in the fifth avenue in the exotic town of Playa del Carmen.



Cancun is a city with well-served public transportation but when is time for your excursions it can be difficult to get there by public transport as most city taxis won´t take you as far or the rates can be too expensive to only get to your destination.

Usually the most needed transport is the one from Cancun International Airport to your hotel, specially if you want personal treatment, bilingual staff , and if its your first time in this destination you want to feel safe. The best option is a Private Shuttle Service.

Planning ahead your activities can be great to make your vacations easier, book your transportation before and just enjoy the ride.

If you want a royal worthy shuttle service, Royal Pickup is here to save the day.


6-Have Fun!

Although planning ahead is crucial to have a safe and easy trip, vacations are a great opportunity to relax and be yourself!



So follow this tips and have the time of your life. If you want to know more about Royal Pickup Shuttle Service from Cancun Airport to your hotel and the amenities we have to offer Click Here!