Looking for a way to get from Cancun Airport to hotel?

Transfers from Cancun Airport to Hotel

Get transportation from Cancun Airport to your hotel. Although there are not many choices, each one has their advantages.

Is important that you choose a transfer company that is reliable, safe and that meets with your needs.

 Book or Take a Shuttle

You can check online for different shuttle companies that can transfer you from Cancun Aiport to your Hotel.

Must shuttles work by hour, so if your flight is delayed, the shuttle might not wait for you. Also you will be sharing the vehicle with other people. But this option its cheaper and also a faster way to get to your hotel.

Remember there are several companies inside the airport.

If your hotel is in Playa del Carmen or Tulum

Take a bus from Cancun Airport

ADO buses is the only bus company in Cancun to have a route directly to Playa del Carmen. You can get tickets on their websites. The rates are fairly cheap and the buses have air conditionair.

You will have to take a taxi to your hotel once you get to Playa del Carmen or Tulum and rates can vary.

That leads to:



Take a Taxi from Cancun Airport to your Hotel

From the moment you step outside Cancun Airport, taxi companies will offer their services. Each one will have different prices and vehicles. It is important to have in mind it won’t come cheap and vehicles may not be in their best conditions.

Book a private transfer from Cancun Airport to your Hotel

If you want a private transfer, there are companies who offer private tranfers to hotels from Cancun Airport. Royal Pickup not only offers transfers to hotels in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, Puerto Aventuras and Tulum but you will be able to choose your vehicle and also you will be able to add extra complements to make yor ride extra especial!

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