What is the best Cancun Airport Transportation to my hotel?

First arriving in Cancun Airport can be confusing for anyone, but don´t worry, Cancun International Airport is full of staff ready to help and full of transportation services.

If you want to plan ahead your transfer to your hotel, you need to know all the Cancun Airport Transportation services.


If you are ready for your vacation in Cancun or near, you’re probably already thinking about all the activities you´re going to do when you get there. Nice weather, amazing pools and hotels right in front of crystal-clear waters, white sand and all of the outdoors activities.

But first, you have to go from Cancun Airport to your hotel to start this adventure.

Taxis are available in Cancun Airport at any time. They are usually lined up outside.

From the moment you step a foot into Cancun Airport, you will walk past several taxi providers, comparing rates and services.

Taxis that belong to a company usually have standard prices so there is no need to bargain, while public taxis may not have a standard price, it might not be the cheaper option.

*Bonus: The best way to pay is in mexican pesos since the change will be in pesos even if you pay in dollars.

Rent a Car

If its in your plan to move around a lot, going to other cities and villages, or to arqueological sites, to rent a car might be a better choice than calling taxis everyday as it would be a lot cheaper.

On the downside, if its in your plans going to go to ecological parks and going to the hotel zone, consider your more likely to drink. Also parking might represent another problem.

In the Hotel Zone in Cancun usually there is not enough places to park freely. So there are parking lots where the rates can go to the more expensive side and also, said lots might be far from where you´re going.

Also consider extra expenses, like gas and ensurance.

You can rent the car right in the airport as there are several companies inside the airport, or you can rent it online before.

Shared Rides (Shared Shuttles)

Booking ahead a shared shuttle service is a smart way to save a few dollars, usually a shared service goes from 5 to 15 dlls per passenger, plus you won´t have to worry about how you´re going to get to your hotel.

If you book this ride you should get a confirmation email with a receipt.

The downside of these form of transportation is if you arrive early or your flight is delayed, your shuttle can’t wait for you. But don´t worry, you’ll take the next shuttle.

If you like privacy or if you’re going to travel in group, these might not be the best option.


Private Shuttles

If you want to plan everything beforehand, booking a private shuttle might be your best choice. Also if you’re traveling in group this will ensure you”ll always stay together.

Like the other services, you can purchase your ride at the airport when you arrive or book it days or even months before.

This option might be a little pricier than the others, but the perks can be the one who make the decision.

Usually with this kind of transport, a staff member will wait for you inside of the airport to take you to your vehicle, straight to your destination.

Also there are some companies that can let you choose your vehicle and route, although this can raise the price.

If you want a luxury service with amenities like drinks, different vehicles to choose from, bilingual and professional staff Royal Pickup is here to offer its Royal Worthy Shuttle Service.